Autoscaling for your Heroku dynos
Load- and schedule-based scaling
for web- and worker dynos
Scaling Operations Performed
Save Money
Shut down dynos dynamically to avoid wasting money on idle resources.
Handle Workload Increases
Scale up automatically when your app's web- or worker workload increases.
Process Jobs, Faster
Process more jobs in parallel without increasing your worker fees.
Managed Minutely
Apps receive minutely checkups to see if its dyno formation needs to be adjusted.
Logplex Integration
Autoscale web dynos based on response times, rpm and load with our Logplex strategy.
Work in a team or for a client? Organizations help you manage multiple accounts and apps.
Multiple Queues
Have multiple Procfile entries for your job queues? No problem. We'll scale them individually.
Flexible Integration
Enable worker autoscaling with any app that supports HTTP/JSON endpoints.
One plan, everything included
Only $10/month per app
Click here for more billing information
@HireFireApp Great app, it is helping http://t.co/w5HjOpEmjC scale our user base. One issue though - a bug with setting time ranges.
we were able to launch so quickly thanks to using awesome tools like Ruby, Rails, @heroku, @hirefireapp, and more! #swdfw
Mark Nijhof
I haven't needed it yet but (not enough traffic) from what I can tell @HireFireApp is a must addon service for any serious Heroku website.
Court Simas
@samsoffes you were right - @hirefireapp is awesome and easy. thanks again.
Running worker dynos on @heroku is cheap with @HireFireApp. StatBot’s favourite!
Been playing with HireFire to automatically scale Heroku dynos based on response time at peak load times. So far, working really well!
Jannis Leidel
I released a Python lib for the @HireFireApp service over the weekend: http://t.co/6yyRudIs Docs: http://t.co/BbkQX9tp #python #django
Andrew Nesbitt
@hirefireio thanks for the service, it’s brilliant!
A new heroku dyno auto-scaling service. - https://t.co/SFxlof6Xs2 @HireFireApp Seems interesting
Nando Vieira
using heroku paid plans? check @hirefireapp ~ http://t.co/o0VaKfk
Randall Degges
Oh my god. The new @hirefireapp looks amazing! http://t.co/kRx1PsX3L0
Peter Schröder
Ein entspanntes Post-Rollout Wochenende dank #HireFire http://t.co/2LuC7peAN5